I have complete control over your life

You have no control over your life. None. Someone else does, though. That someone is Kory Ryan. Because I’m the only one with the balls to tell you the truth. You think having a pussy gives you control? You think your looks will bring you some control? You are powerless. Everyone wants to fuck a pussy. You know that already. They just don’t want to fuck yours, though. You’re left out. You’re not even part of the discussion. It’s one thing to not get chosen. You don’t even get to participate at all because you’re not a real option. No one takes you seriously. How much control do you have now?

All I see are disrespectful bitches

You are the problem. Everywhere I go.  Always think someone’s trying to look at you. Someone’s trying to get closer to you. Honestly, you’re not that hot. Men would just as easily have sex with the girl standing next to you. In fact they’d probably go for her first because she has a better attitude. I swear, these bitches look for a reason to attack. They shop for it.  So paranoid. You know why you do that? Because you KNOW you’re not that hot. You know you’re easily replaceable. You’re expendable just like every other bitch. Don’t forget that.

You’re losing to the girl with better boobs

You’re losing the race to the chick with better boobs. She’s ahead of you. And she’s more important than you because she has good tits. She’s more of a woman. It’s like, her woman card was handed out first before you, and by the time they got to you it was like “sorry, there’s no more titties left.” Get those boobs in shape. Make ’em pop out or else you’re going to lose. This is how you get male appreciation.

Average chicks are the most insecure

You are. It’s always like a 4/10 with the worst attitudes. Chick’s not even hot  enough to be acting like that. Not only that, but they’re absolutely garbage in bed. They just lay there like dead fish, same way it smells. Do I look like a damn gynecologist? ACTUAL beautiful women are more than happy to give the man what he needs and have the skills to back it up. But thank you for being utterly useless to guys. You make real bitches look so much better.

Don’t forget: you’re all alone in this world

You like being scared? Not knowing who to turn to? The truth hurts. The truth is that your friends and family don’t give a flying fuck about you. In fact, they hate you. They hate you more than a stranger does. You’d get more support from degenerates in the shittiest part of town than you would in your own house. Because your relatives are competing with you and they don’t want you to do better than them. Ditto for your friends, classmates, and coworkers. Lower your expectations so you aren’t let down so hard next time.

Choke on a cock if you think being female entitles you to anything

Look at these stupid bitches walking around every day. They contribute nothing, but take everything. Look at ‘em. Always wanting someone else to do the heavy lifting. Always wanting a MAN to fulfill their emotional gratification. Then when it’s time for the man to get paid, they disappear. You see the hypocrisy there? What’s the matter, woman? Can’t get anything done on your own? Of course not. You’re a typical chick: needy and clingy. Show some fucking initiative and pull yourself up by your bootstraps if you want a man to pay attention to you. Get naked. I’m tired of you whores always looking for a shortcut. This ain’t a fairy tale movie, bitch. What did you want, a magic wand or something? You don’t get what you deserve in this world. You get what you get. Real chicks don’t have to cheat to get the prize. Maybe you should take some notes?

Non-providers don’t deserve male appreciation

Non-providers, meaning the vast majority of women, are unworthy. You’re unworthy. You don’t deserve male appreciation. You offer nothing to the world. All you do is use. You’re overvalued. You’re a drain on my resources. In fact, you should get less of those resources. That’s what I’m here to do. My job is to tell you you’re worthless and not good enough. You’re lucky to get the little bit you get now. If you were standing here right now, I’d tell you to get on your knees and work for it. Notice how I don’t have this issue with my providers.A real woman never gets for free what she could be paid for.  They aren’t the problem. You are. It’s payday, bitches. Drop down and gag on a cock.

Someone has to be the ugly girl

Might as well be you. Hey, it’s not so bad. We NEED girls like you. To compare all of the truly hot ones to. We need the ugly girls to do the work the pretty girls don’t want to do. So they can look at their lives and say “I’m so glad I’m not her.” You are the girl that other girls end up NOT wanting to be compared to. You have no choice. The alternative is to starve, die, and end up forgotten forever. Got a problem with that? Looks like the decision has already been made for you.

Every girl can’t be the hot girl

Oh, I get it. I see. You want to be the hot girl. You think we’re all supposed to pay attention to you. Like in a fantasy movie. I understand. You thought you were special, huh? That you could walk down the street and great things would plop into your lap? That’s what happens to special people. I have some bad news, though. You’re not special. Matter of fact, you’re not shit. At all. You’re nothing. The world is a dick. You get fucked, and then you’re dead. Don’t blame me. Blame Mommy for not telling you the truth. So give the world what it wants. Suck the world’s dick harder than anyone else.