I like it when chicks are vulnerable

See, I like it when chicks are vulnerable. Have nowhere to go. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Because you’re standing there in front of a man. Naked. He’s JUDGING you. Assessing you. Evaluating you. Comparing you to all the other girls he’s seen and had. And there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s what life is all about. He has the power to make you or break you right then and there. Do you pass the test? Do you make the cut? Find out like a real chick.

Hot girls NEVER have to compete

Hot girls NEVER have to compete. Hot girls don’t have to prove themselves in this world. Hot girls get what they want, when they want it. Everyone always makes an exception for you if you’re beautiful. If this isn’t your world, you’re doing something wrong. You don’t measure up. You’re not beautiful and it’s offensive to men. It’s your fault. Don’t get mad. Welcome to life. Be more beautiful. Sex and death are two sides of the same coin, remember that. Come to Kory Ryan whenever you want to hear the TRUTH.

This is what a REAL woman looks like

The whole room stares when one of MY girls gets on the stage. Legs, ass, boobs, EVERYTHING. She’s got it all. She’s the hottest girl in the WORLD. All the other girls compare themselves to her. But you don’t compare because you’re not her. You’re a runt: underdeveloped. Only real women get access to male appreciation. Little girls don’t come equipped with E cups. My girls haven’t needed A-cup tops since they were, what, ten years old? But that’s okay if you’re not as hot. You can watch, though.

Be a real whore and show us

Most women are whores. You’re whores because you’re greedy. You want something for nothing. Something you don’t deserve and won’t go out and earn like the rest of us. Instead of proving your worth, you’d rather make a false promise and get someone else to blink first.

You want to be a whore? Then be a real whore and show us what your pussy looks like. Put your mouth where the money is. I have respect for actual whores because unlike the majority of women they’re honest about who they are. Real whores don’t try to have it both ways.

So step up to the plate and be true to who you are. The world needs more honest women.

Non-providers don’t deserve protection

You’re a worthless SLUT if you don’t offer yourself to a man. That means you’re a non-provider. Non-providers are hostile. Untrustworthy. Opportunistic. You’re bad girls and you deserve to be punished. If you want a man’s attention, you’re going to have to work for it. You know what you’re going to need to do. Get down and spread those legs.

You belong to ME now

I know you’re tired of everyone else. Of wondering what if. Of not getting the appreciation you deserve. Of working a crap retail job for $15 an hour. Of your friends getting more attention than you on social media. Are you ready to take the plunge? Are you ready to do something about it? Good. Then audition for a stripper job.  Become a webcam model. Make Daddy proud.

Quit lying to yourself and give in

You’re lying to yourself. You’re not that which you present to the world. You’re a FRAUD. I know you’re an animal. I know what you want. You want a guy for the first time in your life to say “I like you the best.” Really. Perhaps you’ve never had a man truly appreciate your body. It’s never too late for your first time. So here’s your shot. Be a sex worker. Enjoy the freedom to be you. 

The more you push away the more I pull closer

The thing you want to avoid is the thing you really want most. You want the benefits of being the good girl, but you don’t want to expose yourself so we can all see. It’s not scary. It’s my job to take you through that process. You have to take that risk so you can feel better. It’s therapeutic to just let it all out and accept that this is who you are.