Be a sex slave.

That’s your only way out.

Do your time. Surrender. Submit.

Get the one thing you wanted all your life.

You want guys to like you?

Here’s your chance.

Stripper. Porn star. Camgirl. Sugar baby.

Make Daddy like you. You want him to like you, right?

You’re a girl. You’re vulnerable. Fragile. Sensitive. In need of protecting.

That’s what boys do, after all. Boys protect girls.

But only if you do your job.

It’s your job to provide.

To offer your body to the world. To share.

That’s what boys want. Boys love girls who share.

And maybe we’ll like you, too.

It depends…

How do you compare?

There’s a lot of girls.

Not just you.

Will he remember you?

Or do you want him to hate you?

Then obey. Do your job. Sell your body to men.

And don’t mess up…or we’ll drop you for a better girl.