You need a man to put you in your place

I’m setting these boundaries for you because society won’t do it. Men have a million options to fuck. If we isolate a girl, we have to really like her in order to want to fuck her or have an opinion about her. We’re more objective. You don’t have a man in your corner. You need one. If a man has a girl’s back, suddenly the world doesn’t seem as scary. Because he’s going to do what he has to do either way. Women don’t do that. That’s why a man is necessary. This kind of information means more coming from a man and it can only come from a man. There are ways to get one. We just need to see what your pussy looks like first.

Don’t forget: my biggest supporters are WOMEN

My biggest supporters are women. Beautiful women, too. They love the fact that a man cares about them and is willing to risk it all just so they can have a voice. That’s community. You support women, don’t you? Supporting women means supporting me. It’s okay if you have to bend the rules. Playing by the rules does nothing. Sometimes, you have to play DIRTY to get ahead. So join the community. Come over to team Kory and let’s do business.

The biggest ego trip a woman can experience is

Watching a guy lose his mind over you. How many times have you had that experience? How many times have you had the feeling that you could make a guy do whatever you wanted just because you happened to show up in his world? That’s power. Not a lot of women will get to experience that in their lives. Do you know how many chicks would trade everything they’ve worked for just to have that? They won’t admit it. Because it’s shameful. When you’re told you’re special, you don’t feel you have to do anything. But you do have to do something. Get addicted to the feeling of making guys come.

Get used to being uncomfortable, girl

How does it feel knowing your fate is in someone else’s hands when they evaluate you? To be able to say yes or no to you while you wait and watch. That’s your whole life. Your whole life rides on that. The whole time you’re waiting, you have that thought in the back of your head. Does he like it? Am I good enough? His body language isn’t telling. Men aren’t as expressive. You can never know. That’s reality. Life is a craps shoot. All you can do is throw shit up and see what sticks. Sometimes you hit the jackpot, sometimes you go bust. One thing is for sure, though. Men like to bust. Make as many guys bust as you can.

It’s your fault for trusting people

You shouldn’t have trusted what your mom told you. About certain people. Certain groups. About who’s good and who’s bad. Go to school and be a good girl. Do what you’re supposed to do. While she did nothing for you, of course. She lied to you. Because you’re competition. You remind her of her failed aspirations. The bitch didn’t want some other chick to look better than her and move on without her. She probably sucked every dick in town. Told you not to just so you wouldn’t do any better than she did. So who’s really good and who’s really bad? Sex workers are honest about the nature of woman. The person you trusted most was the one who lied to you worst. Women hate other women more than men do.

Embrace what’s most vulnerable to you

It’s okay to want to be wanted by the opposite sex. To be desired. You don’t get there without taking some risks. Some people don’t have to. You’re not them. You can’t do what they do. This is a surefire method when all else fails. Just don’t waste time. You’ve wasted enough. You can’t look like that forever. At some point you get old. Do you want to get old not knowing what a man’s appreciation feels like? Put on a show for us then. You find healing that way.

There’s a rebel inside every girl

Deep inside she’s waiting. There’s a troublemaker waiting to come out. All she needs is an excuse. This is your excuse. I’m telling you to go for it. No one else will tell you the truth. People lie. If they have no obligation to you, you have no obligation to them. You have a right to get your needs met however you can. How many people can you have this conversation with? How many people in your life can you walk up to and say in confidence the following: “I want to be a stripper.” Or “I want to be in porn.” Or “I want to be a sugar baby.” Or “I want to be a webcam girl.” I’m the only person you can confide in because I’m the only person who knows the truth. You need to sell sex.

You’re not supposed to be happy in life

The world is meant to be fucked up. You start off with a problem so you can find the solution. All of life is driven by unmet needs. That’s yin and yang. Balance. What balances you? It’s the same as everyone else. Sex. That’s how we got here. That’s the problem. Now it’s the solution. You have problems in your life because someone had sex with someone else and you popped out of some bitch’s pussy nine months later. So fight fire with fire. Sex is the solution. You have the tools. Now use them.

You want revenge? I’ve got an idea

Just get naked. Show us your boobs. Here’s your “fuck you” to the world. This is how you get back. Get back at all the people who’ve made you miserable. This is what you’ve always wanted to do. Now you have the perfect excuse. You’re unhappy. You hate your mom. You hate your friends. You hate your looks. You hate your body. You feel like you’re not good enough everywhere you go. Well, there’s one place you haven’t been. You haven’t provided for a stranger yet. He might love your body. Time to give it a try.

There’s always some other girl hotter than you

There’s always someone better. Always. That’s what happens when you can’t stand out in this world. You get passed over for millions of other options.  You’re waiting by the phone for a nonexistent call or text that will NEVER come because of that. Some guy texted you last night, sure. Guess what? He texted someone even hotter than you right after that. You know it. How many times are you going to complain about it? We get it. The world isn’t fair. No need to thank me for the reality check.