Desirable guys don’t have to commit

Desirable guys don’t have to commit. That’s for men without options. Are you that dumb that you can’t see that? You can never get a guy with options to commit because there’s 8,000 chicks around the corner who look better than you do and give better dome. Actually, desirable guys do get commitment. From you. Put your blind trust in one and maybe they’ll give you a shot.

Pay your dues if you want the hot girl lifestyle

Pay your dues if you want to be part of this lifestyle. Travel all over the world, stay in the most luxurious accommodations, dine at the finest restaurants, put on the hottest shows, enjoy premium entertainment, and get pampered like a princess. Real women NEVER get for free what they could be paid for. Show me such a thing as free sex and I’ll show you the Easter Bunny having an orgy fuck with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

Only providers get to be real women

Providers are real women. I protect them because they protect me. You’re not a provider, so you don’t get protection. You are second class. You don’t get to have what they have. Sex providers are better than you and more important than you because they know how to do the one thing you never could: make a man feel good. How are you a real woman if you can’t even surrender yourself? You’re not a real woman. You’re a parasitic FRAUD.

My girls are a lot harder on you than I am

You have to go through my girls first if you want to attack me. They’re more than happy to kick a bitch’s ass and protect Daddy if you dare lay a hand on them. I’m not even that hard on you. You should hear the things they say about you behind closed doors. They understand me. Don’t be the one who gets talked about on Kory Ryan.

Blame yourself for not being good enough

Just remember girls: there’s always someone better than you out there. Bigger boobs. Rounder ass. Longer hair. Softer skin. She’ll give a better experience to a man. And she’ll get his attention. Consideration. Time. Money. Commitment. But not you. You need to stop blaming men for not being good enough. Put on your big girl tits, grab some fishnets, and step into action.

Men aren’t turned on by degrees

Blood, sweat, and tears don’t translate into raw sexual power. All of your sacrifices mean nothing if a man doesn’t want to fuck you. All of your hard work was for zilch if women don’t aspire to be like you. You will never know what it feels like to get male appreciation if you don’t have the skills that matter. Having a man look at you like he won the lottery while you’re giving him a lap dance is something few women will experience. Don’t know what that feels like? Get naked and find out. Don’t forget to cup the balls.

I feel sorry for little girls growing up today

They have to see a poor example set for them with self-serving, narcissistic excuses of mothers running around. It’s too bad. You’re better off not even having kids at all. Remember, that’s your competition. Guys are going to be checking out that girl (your kid) and not you in ten years. Hope her boobs don’t get bigger than yours.

You make it difficult for my providers and I don’t like it

The people I worry about most are my providers. They look at me the same way I look at you guys. With doubt. Anxiety. Wondering if I’m going to turn on them one day. I might. They know why. I’ve had some bad experiences. I have no choice but to take it out on them. Girls like you, meaning non-providers, set a bad example for good girls. If you think I’m harsh, they’re ten times worse on you than I am and you know it. You make it difficult for them. They can’t feel love because of people like you.

Sex work is the NEW gig economy

The new gig economy is sex work. Fuck getting pimped by ride sharing companies. Get a webcam and take matters into your own hands. Don’t grip the wheel: grip a dildo with your pussy. Don’t deliver food: deliver some lap dances. Do you know how to motorboat a man with your A cups? Do you even know what motorboating is? Make it your job to find out. Or deal with the consequences.

Sex sells, so…sell sex

Sex sells. So? Sell sex. There’s a world of opportunity waiting. Only hot girls get to have that lifestyle. Actually, hot girls don’t have a problem selling sex. Only ugly girls do. If you object to selling sex, it’s because you’re not hot enough to do it yourself. Follow the directions, turn around, and get on your knees. I’m rock hard and I need you to solve a problem. Give me something to look at. Not your body, but your skills. Looks aren’t everything, so at least we agree on that.