I need your help.

Women are the problem. Especially unappreciative women.

They lie. They steal. They use any and every resource at their disposal to manipulate men however they can. And what do they provide in return? Absolutely nothing.

If you’re a woman who doesn’t do those things and disappointed that other girls do, I understand. But there is a solution.

You can defend your counterparts. Or you can get naked.

There’s always a home for attractive women. There’s always a place for sex providers. It’s an option that’s one hundred percent permanent. Stable. Reliable. Secure.

You have a choice. You have help. That’s why I’m doing this: to help you. To protect you. We need you to be on our side because we care about you. And we want to protect you by giving you the opportunity to provide.

Baring your soul and putting everything on the line so everyone can see is risky. But with your help, we can share those risks…together. Only real women deserve protection, and a real woman appreciates men.

A real woman does her homework. Knows what a man likes. And does what he needs her to do without having to be asked first. She cares about him that much that his needs go above everything else in her life.

Destroy the enemy. Take those ungrateful bitches out NOW by offering men a token of your appreciation. Show us the exception to the rule. Show us something different. This is your chance to be redeemed.

You have to be the one to change this thing. Selfish bitches will NOT stop destroying men unless someone comes forward with a better deal and makes them stop. That someone is you.

Become a stripper, porn star, cam model, or sugar baby today. Be my girl. Submit to a real man who cares about you.

Real women sell sex. I ONLY experience sex with women who sell it. And I will again. Hopefully with you.

So join us. The revolution is NOW.