I had a chick tell me to

I had a chick tell me to stop doing my site because it hurt her feelings. Lol, you old bitch. All you have to do is not look at it. But you don’t get male interest and the truth HURTS. You see that? Look at these whores desperately trying to get emotional gratification. Look at ’em. Everyone doesn’t like you, sweetheart. At some point you have to get replaced by another girl. Take it like a woman. 

You fucking whore. How dare you

You fucking whore. How DARE you keep a man from getting his needs met. What the fuck is wrong with you? What kind of woman gets off on depriving a man of his most vital need? I’ll tell you. Someone who doesn’t deserve male attention. Someone who isn’t good enough. Someone ugly. Beautiful women have no problem sharing. You can’t compete with a beautiful woman. Time to take out the trash.

You’ll NEVER get a high value man to notice you unless

You’ll NEVER get a high value man to notice you unless he can see you naked. Men fuck first and figure out the rest later. How are you going to stand out in the sea of millions of booty models online? Thousands of girls turn 18 every single day. You’re nothing if men don’t want to fuck you.

Just remember: my biggest fans are suburban girls

Remember: I get the MOST cooperation from suburban girls 18-25 years old. Brunette, blonde. Brown skin, pale skin. Brown eyes, blue eyes. Soft bodies, firm bodies. They’re very friendly. I like protecting them from people like you. I’m just reminding you who really owns them at the end of the day.

I only love you as long as you’re providing

If you ever stopped putting out I’d drop you like a hot potato. All love is conditional. Remember that. Why? Because when love is unconditional, you take it for granted. You get greedy. I have to protect my emotional investment in you in order to motivate you to perform for me. Something you get once in a while is worth a lot more than something you get all the time.

Release is therapeutic

Release is therapeutic. To come to terms with the essence of who you are is a brilliant, beautiful thing. Aren’t you anxious to show everyone that side of you?  A side that lays buried beneath the surface of work. Obligations. Friends. Social pressure. But it doesn’t go away. It grows. That pressure has to go somewhere. And if you don’t have an outlet, if you don’t let it out…it’ll destroy you. You have the outlet. Now I’m giving you something to put inside of it. It doesn’t hurt to relax and let go. You might find that it feels even better.

Accept who you are and what is happening to you

Yes. You are being objectified right here, right now. Just accept it. Face it girl, it’s over. This is your fate. This is where it all comes to a climax. All roads lead to Daddy. Now we see what a girl is made of when she has nowhere else to run. You can’t hide from the truth forever. Sometimes, you run right into it.

You have nothing to offer if a man cannot sexually objectify you

You don’t. You’re not even in the discussion without sex appeal. Sex appeal is what gets your foot in the door. All that other bullshit comes later. Aww, what’s the matter? They didn’t teach you that in school? Welcome to life. People lie and use you for your own benefit and there’s nothing you can do about it. Now bend over and take it like a woman.

Be careful not to hit zero

Hey. Where do you think you’re going? Come back here. Get in front of me. Stand this way. Turn. Wait while I inspect your body. You think you’re hot? You think you’re worthy? You don’t get to decide. Only the MAN does. I’m going to subtract a point for every imperfection I find on you. You start with ten. How many will you have left by the time I’m done with you? Don’t hit zero.

Don’t waste a nice set of boobs

Don’t waste a nice set of boobs. I’m giving you an opportunity to use them but it’s up to you to take it. If not, I’m more than happy to find someone else. And I’m fickle. My patience is narrower than a virgin’s pussy. Don’t test it unless you’re ready to get discarded like a used condom.